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Friday, May 27, 2005

Why The Journal?

Julie's Supper Club is closing its doors. As an SF landmark, Julie's surely holds a special part in our hearts. David and Elay thought it would be fun to collect and share some Julie's stories. Think about your Julie's memorable experiences and share them here. Postings can be anonymous for those with wild stories that need to be shared anonymously. Julie's soul will live forever and this journal is one way for us to make sure that happens. Here are some topics to think about. Just reply below and post your thoughts. Each topic has its own posting category.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties - Xmas CORPORATE Parties - Music - Staff - Patrons and Regulars - Dancing on the Bar - The .Com Days - Patty Hearst, True or False? - The Back Room - David Darwish

See you on June 4th for the last blow out party.
(If you have pictures to share email and we'll make arrangements to collect them from you.)

General Words about Julies

Post your thoughts and say your good-byes.

Some words about David Darwish

A great man needs no introduction.


From live music to DJs all the way that 70s disco you always heard when you walked in...

The .Dot Com Days

They came, they partied and then some left. Who were they?

The Back Room

Be careful about what you say here, this is still for public eyes. Use no names.

Dancing on the bar

No words required here....have fun remembering these wild and crazy stories

A word about the staff

Share some words about those lovely and sweet guys and gals that poured us those real stiff drinks...


There were so many over the years.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

You been in them and you've seen them stop by.....

Wild Crazy UnClassified Stories

In here for shits and giggles

Patrons and Regulars

All kinds came through those doors? Who were they and why Julie's? Do you remember any regulars?


He died in 2004. We'll miss him. Hey now!

Patty Hearst, True or False?

So who knows the real deal? Was is the link between Patty Hearst being kidnapped and Julie's Supper Club.